One of “Pie de Oveja” bases is the social value. Pie de Oveja was founded in 2015, and the project was created not only with the purpose to solve the problem of cold feet, but also to create a job opportunity to people who belong to vulnerable groups.

This is the way in which, right from the beginning, “Pie de Oveja” gives  the opportunity to have conscious consumer experience and social responsibility. Our Commitment is with the community, and it is based on social inclusion. We make possible labor integration of people from socially vulnerable groups.

Our goal is to give everyone the same opportunities as local workers. Because we hardly believe we can accomplish social well-being when every member of community can have a fair and respectable way to contribute to the world. We are not just offering a product that solves a functional need, we also offer a buying experience that helps solves social needs. It is pleasing for us to know that our products are not manufactured by people who work in subhuman conditions. By purchasing Pie de Oveja´s products, you can contribute to our ideal world.